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Junior Solos

1st place: Bonnie Harding

2nd place: Abigail Piper

3rd place: Olivia Hateley

Special mention: Imogen Phillips


Middles Solos

1st place: Nellie Watts

2nd place: Amelia Phillips

3rd place: Lucy Ruddock

Special mention: Olivia Byers


Senior Solos

1st place: Alexa Richardson

2nd place: Eve Lewis

3rd place: Isabelle Hateley

Special mention: Emma Batley


Junior Duets

1st place: Amelia & Imogen Phillips


Middles Duets & Trios

1st place: Eleanor Spensley, Etty Billson & Yan Yan Payne

2nd place: Ella and Milly Bishop

3rd place: Amelia Phillips & Nellie Watts

Special mention: Olivia Byers, Ella and Milly Bishop


Senior Trios

1st place: Beatrice Hersey, Eliza Hutchison & Libby Saunders


Senior Groups

1st place: Bailey Johnson, Bella Evans, Emily Martin, Eve Lewis, Isabelle Hateley & Madeleine Wrigley


Junior Solos

1st place: Eliza Hutchison

2nd place: Martha Gibson

3rd place: Billy Byers

Middles Solos

1st place: Isabelle Hateley

2nd place: Abbie Mordecai

3rd place: Emily Martin

Senior Solos

1st place: Olivia Rathborn

2nd place: Annabel Collis

3rd place: Amelia Barton

Middles Duets & Trios

1st place: Alice Gibson and Amelia Worssam

2nd place: Emily Martin, Isabelle Hateley and Isabella Evans

3rd place: Bella Cavalli and Katie Muller

3rd place: Olivia Barton and Thea Gregory

Senior Duets

1st place: Amelia Barton and Olivia Barton

2nd place: Eve Lewis and Bailey Johnson


1st place: Beatrice Jenkins, Ella Richardson and Iona Tanner


Junior Solos

1st place: Billy Byers

Middles Solos

1st place: Amelia Worssam

1st place: Abbie Mordecai

Senior Solos

1st place: Zoe Karl

1st place: Hannah Wood

1st place: Isabelle Worssam

Junior Duets & Trios

1st place:

Middles Duets & Trios

1st place: Ella Douch and Madeleine Wrigley


1st place: Hannah Wood, Sophie Gray, Tilliana Greenwood and Tabitha Craig


Junior Solos

1st place: Lara Norris

Middles Solos

1st place: Tatiana Wortley

2nd place: Ella Douch

3rd place: Casper Mott

Senior Solos

1st place: Evie Taylor

Junior Duets & Trios

1st place: Abbie Mordecai and Keira Donnelly-Sallows

2nd place: Lauren Keetley and Caitlin Bending

Middles Duets & Trios

1st place: Kerry McCarthy and Amelia Worssam

Senior Duets

1st place: Jasmine Barraclough and Sophie Gray

2nd place: Opal Weaver and Saffron Shaw

3rd place: Natasha Vincent and Georgia Cudby


1st place: Heidi Bryant and Lucy Bryant


Junior Solos

1st place: Isabella Evans

Middles Solos

1st place: Casper Mott

Senior Solos

1st place: Gabrielle Van Asselt

2nd place: Georgia Cudby

Junior Duets & Trios

1st place: Isabella Evans and Eliza Jones

Middles Duets & Trios

1st place: Sophie Gray and Jasmine Barraclough

Senior Duets

1st place: Isabel Summers and Gabrielle Van Asselt

2nd place: Matt Wells and Ellen Burnside

3rd place: Matt Wells and Aimee Thomas


1st place: Amelia Gabbard

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